HYDRO++ Workshop

Fundamentals of macromolecular/colloidal hydrodynamics.
Principles, applications and examples based on the HYDRO software.

Presenter: José García de la Torre, University of Murcia, Spain


The practitioners of AUC and related techniques have at their disposal sophisticated software resources for the analysis of the raw data and determination of molecular properties. Advanced resources, like the HYDRO suite and others, are also available for relating such properties to structural aspects. As evidenced in mailing-list conversations, during meetings, etc, the difficulties experienced by some users of such tools arise not just from their (more or less) complicated handling, but instead seem caused by an insufficient knowledge of basic aspects of macromolecular/colloidal hydrodynamics.

I remember naive but relevant questions about the significance of a chosen or fitted f/f0 ratio, the expected change in sedimentation coefficient upon denaturation/unfolding of a protein, the difference in properties between some monomer and its dimer, etc.Like in previous AUC meetings, a workshop covering the HYDRO programs is offered. However this time the contents will be oriented mainly to fundamental aspects, required for the proper use of any computational tool. The description of very basic aspects of hydrodynamic and related solution properties will be complemented with simple applications (leaving aside technicalities) of the HYDRO computer programs for rigid and flexible macromolecules and nanoparticles.

This workshop is presented on Monday during sessions 3-6, and a repeat of the same workshop is offered on Tuesday during sessions 7-10.